MSC-CM and its potential in liver diseases treatments

06/03/2024 Quản Trị

The global incidence rates of liver cancer have been referenced from the GLOBOCAN 2020 database, comprising 185 countries with figures calculated per 100,000 people per year. In 2020, healthcare professionals diagnosed an estimated 905,700 cases of liver cancer globally, leading to 830,200 deaths [1,2]. Liver cancer ranks among the top three causes of cancer-related deaths…

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Probiotics Applications in Liver Diseases Treatment

02/01/2024 Quản Trị

Liver diseases account for approximately 2 million deaths worldwide each year, with 1 million due to complications from cirrhosis and 1 million attributed to liver cancer from hepatocellular cells, representing 3.5% of global deaths [1,2]. Cirrhosis currently stands as the 11th most common cause of death worldwide, and liver cancer ranks 16th [1,2]. Cirrhosis is…

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